Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Very Deep Day

Today was a wonderful run! Total time added up to 60 minutes, which I'ma call 7 miles. I ran with Carlijn and we ran Waban in 53 minutes, then strides, and then I had to run to Washington Street to get mah car. Anyways, so we ran to Waban talking amount my life right now, mainly college. We checked my mailbox but nothing yet :)And thennnn we ran over to Waban and started talking about future life plans. Then we talked about fate, and whether there really is fate, or if there are a ton of different paths we could go down and whichever one we choose is completely random or even chosen for us. From there we got into talking about church and god and the general meaning of life. After much debate, we decided that the meaning of life is competition, and without competition, there would be no purpose. We also concluded that God is basically watching us all like on tv, thus, we have to create meaning for ourselves, namely our of competition. Most of the happiness we get is from competing, thus if we want to be happy, we must compete. Which explains why track makes us both so happy :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elm Bank

Saturday was Elm Bank - we had a 45-60 minute run with a 12 minute tempo at 5k pace with 3 1 minute pickups at mile pace (within the tempo). Needless to say this was difficult and I probably didn't keep up the paces. But I couldn't tell because I had no one to run with (ahemm Carlijn) so I just ran the woods loop at Elm Bank 3 times. I felt really really tired and my quads were killing. But I started in a bad mood and ended in a good mood so I guess that was good. I was in a bad mood because I am stressed about college, and I saw on college confidential that Bowdoin people were supposed to find out either yesterday or tomorrow, and I was worried it was going to be yesterdaybutthenthemailhadn'tcomeandihadtogotopracticesoahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! But now I'm feeling a bit better :) Anyways, I ran 60 minutes, most of which was pretty slow.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Such fun. 17 warm up with Chris. Some new pics and so many comments from the sophomores- always so fun :)

anywayyyyssss, Rachel did circuits with us! They weren't as bad today - my arms felt strong on the arm circles and my legs were fine on all the squats, but the abs were really really rough. oh well.

Then we did two heavy sets of weights in the fitness center, which was also rough because my arms were like dead.

And then Chris and I did 16 cool down on Washington. Also, for anyone who was interested, Whole Foods does NOT carry Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownies. Such a disappointment.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today was a good day

for once! The day itself was actually kind of crappy - I was really really tired, butttttt track was wonderful! We ran 3x400, 4x200 at current 1000 pace, so I decided a good goal for the first meet would be 3:20. Lo and behold, I ran 79,78,79 for the 400s, and that was with slowing down in the last hundred meters because I went out too fast (which, I know is a bad thing, but anyways...). And then the 800s went 38, 37,37,37, which is way UNDER pace, which was BEAUTIFUL because they felt so good! I ran 20 minutes warm up with Dana and we had a lovely conversation about skiing and how running is so much better :) And then I cooled down with Chris and we found Eve on the way and ran with her too! 15 minutes down.

Now my quads feel like rocks - I'm gonna have to roll them out tonight!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some more runningggg


3x{150, 5x40, 150, 5x40, 150}. This was a bit rough. The last 150's of each set went 27, 30, 27. And the fastest one was 26.


45 minute run. I was really tired. And then there were weights. And I was really tired again. Probably a good day all around :)

Monday, December 5, 2011


Today was supposed to be 1200 @ 90 pace, 900 @85 pace, 600@80 pace and 300@75 pace. Unfortunately, I had to bail after the 900. I did the 120o pretty well - a 4:33 simply because all the change from my 45 second splits added up, but during the 900 I was exhausted and went 42-46-50-and down from there. It was really awful and felt like the end of a race. I don't know whats wrong with me. My first thought was iron levels, and thats what I told Coach Johnson. I think it might be part that because I've been bad and forgetting to take my iron pills. And then also I'm really tired from last week and especially from Cotillion. so idk. it better get better.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Now I'm for reals going to start this up again! :)

SO for Monday, the first day of indoor, we had a rapist running around town, and weren't allowed to go out for a run. We talked to the new coach for a while, and listened to all of Griff's rules. Its so weird being the oldest in Middle, and also weird without Chisum :( Anyways, not ones to be stopped by silly rapists in Wellesley, Betsy, Nina and I drove over to Waban and ran around there. It was a very pleasant, albeit creepy, run. It got dark like 5 minutes in, so there were a few almost tripping incidences but its fine, it all worked out and no one got hurt (or shot/raped). (40 minutes)

Tuesday we did new circuits. We warmed up for 15 and it was really nice to warm up with the whole team! The circuits were semi-awful - I was in pain in my abdomen, arms and legs basically until today, but I love being sore so its fine! Cooled down for 15 and went home! (4 miles)

Wednesday was our first track workout. We did 5x600 starting at 3:15 pace and running 15 seconds faster each rep. It started out super easy, but quickly got much much harder! Carlijn and I ran with Sabina, Ellen, Mimi, Anna, and Alana! Our paces went : 3:10, 2:54, 2:38, 2:22, 2:08. 15 cool down

Thursday was more circuits! This time leg-centered, and boy could I feel it! I still cannot walk down stairs :/ 15 up, 20 down.

Friday was hard. wayyyyy hard. 2(3x350) at 65 pace. Unfortunately that did not work out. It ended up being 65, 67, 69, 70, 72, 72. Oops. Whatever, I don't think I'm built for speed anyways! 15 up, 15 down

Saturday was FINALLY a long run! We met at Elm Bank and ran. We went out the back way and down Winding River, through the aqueduct, and back to Elm to run some trails! I got to talk to Dana and Julia a bit too, which was nice! And after they stopped, I ran with Betsy, Rachel and Katya, all of whom I dearly miss running with :( Then we all sunbathed and stretched in the parking lot. Cotillions tonight so I'm super excited to die in high heels!! (58 minutes)